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EFT Author, Mentor, and Coach.
Creator of personalized Personal
Growth Programs for individuals,
groups, and corporations.
Designer of EFT Tapping Statements
for authors and their material.
Those on top of the mountain didn't fall there.

Vince Lombardi
Your biggest problem or difficulty today
has been sent to you at this moment
to teach you something you need
to know to be happier and
more successful in the future.

Brian Tracy

Read Tessa’s Story.

good words. good people.

  • “I had just suffered a devastating divorce. I felt as if I was on my knees before the Universe when someone recommended Tessa to me. We began working with the mis-beliefs for Survival as I was almost unable to function. My personal growth grew in leaps and bounds and I now have a thriving business along with an amazing marriage.”

  • “I had tried everything to help my increasing anxiety problems. I was almost incapacitated by situations that were common, everyday events to most people. I had tried several prescription drugs, traditional therapy, several self-help books, even alcohol, and nothing worked. Out of sheer desperation I decided to try EFT Tapping. I thought EFT was a strange process at first, but a week after my first session I was able to make it through an entire workout at the gym without a panic attack or even one heart palpitation! It continues to amaze me how effective EFT and working with Tessa have been.”

  • “I am writing to express my most gracious appreciation for your work. You are one of God's most profound Light Workers. In just 2 sessions, I have let go of a great deal of blocked energy and re-focused my life in directions I could not have imagined. Your work with EFT can, literally, save everyone years on their healing journey. Superb!”