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Wednesday 18 October 2017

12:01 AM – 11:59 PM PST (give or take 30 minutes)


1. I will never be prosperous.
2. I spend money I don’t have.
3. Money is scarce and limited.
4. My financial life will never be easy.
5. My efforts will never product wealth.


6. I often feel inferior to others.
7. I have no inner sense of worth.
8. I live in a constant state of fear.
9. Life is frightening and intimidating.
10. No matter what I do I can’t get ahead.



11. I lack the courage to be prosperous.
12. I feel defeated, hopeless, and trapped.
13. I lack goals and a direction for my life.
14. I am paralyzed by the challenges of life.
15. My courage has been tested and I failed.


Personal Power

16. Poor people are powerless.
17. Only rich people can be powerful.
18. I’m not smart enough to be powerful.
19. I lack the financial wealth to be powerful.
20. Powerful people are overbearing and cruel.

21. I don’t expect to succeed.
22. My identity is that of a failure.
23. I give up when obstacles block my way.
24. Success is the answer to all my problems.
25. Only the strong and powerful can succeed.


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