Abundance, wealth, and being rich are about plentiful amounts and worth. Financial wealth is one aspect of Wealth.

* What we manifest in our lives is a direct result of our beliefs.

* Our beliefs determine our thoughts and feelings which in turn determine our choices and decisions.

If we are happy and joyful, we will see happiness in everything.
If we are fearful, we will see fear around every corner.
If we have a mentality of wealth and abundance, we will prosper.

Our dysfunctional beliefs are like scratches on a vinyl record. Every time we try to move beyond the scratches, we are thrown back and are not allowed to move beyond the scratch. Lack of prosperity is a scratch in the vinyl record.


For every issue, there is a cause and an effect. To heal and move beyond the scratches in the vinyl record, we need to heal all three: the issue, the cause, and result of or the effect of the cause.

It is difficult to be prosperous when we are stuck in survival. When we are stuck in Survival we feel disempowered to thrive. We can only survive. It takes courage to step into our personal power and to succeed.

September 15th and 16th, I have a new Kindle, 200 EFT Tapping Statements for Wealth, that will be a FREE Download. The Kindle will have 40 EFT Tapping Statements for each topic – Wealth, Survival, Courage, Personal Power, and Success.



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