A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.


Our dreams are our hopes and desires of what we want to come true one day. They are snapshots of what we want our future to be. Yet, sometimes, maybe most of the time, our dreams do not become reality and never manifest themselves in our lives.

Here are ten EFT Tapping Statements for Dreams to Reality:

1. I gave up on my dreams long ago.
2. Living my dreams doesn’t pay the bills.
3. I lack the brilliance to pursue my dreams.
4. There is never enough time for my dreams.
5. I am powerless to make my dreams come true.
6. I lack the audacity to pursue my heart’s desire.
7. I cannot visualize the fulfillment of my dreams.
8. There is not enough time to do what I love to do.
9. My dreams are collecting dust up on a high shelf.
10. I’m not committed to making my dreams a reality.


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