When the grass appears greener on the other side of the fence…fertilize your grass.

Edge Keynote

The most important relationship we will ever have will be with ourselves. It is the basis of who we are, our foundation. The greatest love begins with ourselves. We don’t know if we are loved by another if we do not love ourselves. We do not know how to love if we do not love ourselves. We cannot love another if we do not love ourselves.

The beliefs we have about ourselves dictate our thoughts, our actions, our feelings. The beliefs we have about ourselves impact our expectations, what happens in our lives, as well as how others treat us.

Ten EFT Tapping Statements for Relationship with Self:

1. I’m not the star of my life.
2. I’m last on my priority list.
3. I live a day-to-day existence.
4. I don’t have a plan for my life.
5. I’m too insignificant to matter.
6. I’m defective, damaged goods.
7. I allow my issues to define me.
8. I gave up hope a long time ago.
9. My wounds are too deep to heal.
10. It’s not safe to reveal the real me.


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