Most of our limitations are self-imposed. Roger Bannister was the first human to run a sub-four-minute mile, a barrier that was previously deemed insurmountable. Immediately after Bannister proved it was “possible”, runners all over the world repeated his feat. 

 Bob Moward


Self-confidence is about a belief in one’s powers, strengths, and abilities. Self-confidence is self-reliance.

Self-worth and self-esteem is about the self, feelings, respect, and pride one has in themselves.

Ten EFT Tapping Statements for Self Confidence:

1. I deflect compliments.
2. I need other’s approval.
3. I don’t prioritize my time.
4. I will never be good enough.
5. I’m stuck in analysis paralysis.
6. I don’t feel at home in the world.
7. I expect the worst to always happen.
8. I try to control everything in my life.
9. I feel resentful, powerless, and angry.
10. I don’t know who my authentic self is.


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