“Blowing out another’s candle will not make yours shine brighter.” Unknown

Question from a reader: Am I reinforcing what I don’t want to reinforce when the EFT tapping statement I say is not something I want to reinforce? For example, I just went through a rough break up with my now-x, and if I tap the statement “Even though my x rejected me,” won’t I end up feeling more rejected? If I tap this statement, isn’t it reinforcing my feelings of hurt from the rejection I already feel?

Answer: No. Tapping allows us to “desensitize” explosive and/or painful emotions.

What I have found to be the most effective manner in which to word an EFT tapping statement is to agree with the current emotional state so the physical body does not sabotage the tapping. It is the job of the physical body to protect us. (Put your hand over a flame and your body will pull your hand back to safety.) In this situation, it is true and the body would agree, the break-up still stings and you do feel hurt from the rejection, so the statement would be, “Even though I am hurt by my x’s rejection, I totally and completely accept myself.”

Acceptance brings us into present time. Healing can only happen when we are in present time. By making the statement, “I totally and completely accept myself,” it brings us into present time. By making the statement, “Even though I am hurt by my x’s rejection” this helps to desensitize the hurt.

Once the emotions have been desensitized, we are then able to more clearly examine the situation rather than being controlled by the pain and hurt.

First step to any situation is to desensitized the emotions.  Once the emotions are no longer in control, we can then determine what beliefs might have lead up to the painful situation(s) that need to be processed so we don’t recreate the same situation again.


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