“Hostile words can cut you quicker and deeper than any sword. While a sword wound may heal after a few weeks, leaving only a hint of a scar, verbal wounds can persist a lot longer and leave a deep scar that lasts forever.”
Lillian Glass

Almost one in five adult Americans have at least one alcoholic parent. Alcoholism is one of the leading causes of family dysfunction. There seems to be some common characteristics for Adult Children of Alcoholics. Some of these are:

* Low self-esteem
* Not sure what “normal” is.
* Difficulty with having fun.
* Have a fear of losing control.
* Feel different from other people.
* Have a strong need to be perfect.
* Difficulty with intimate relationships.
* Take themselves and/or life too seriously.
* Seek approval and affirmation from others.
* Judge themselves without mercy and harshly.
* Have a fear of abandonment and/or rejection.
* Have lost the ability to feel or express emotions.
* Are either super responsible or super irresponsible.

EFT Tapping (which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique) can help. EFT tapping is a quick, simple, and effective method to desensitize painful emotions and memories as well as change dysfunctional beliefs.

EFT Tapping Statements for Adult Children of Alcoholics include:

* I judge myself harshly.
* I suppress my emotions.
* I must be super responsible.
* My childhood home was hell.
* I seek approval outside myself.
* I have difficulty with relationships.
* I lack basic social interaction skills.
* I am anxious when everything is calm.




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