I always turn to the sports section first. The sports page records people’s accomplishments; the front page has nothing but man’s failures.

Earl Warren

When we are born, we didn’t come with an operating system. We didn’t know how to speak or walk. We put everything in our mouth whether it was edible or not. We wanted to touch everything whether it was soft and fuzzy or not. We pooped and peed when we needed to. We cried when we wanted something. We had no social skills. We didn’t know how to be polite or wait our turn or share our toys.

Yet, eventually we learned. We learned how to walk and talk. We learned what was edible and what was not. We learned to use a toilet. We learned social skills.

How do we learn? Usually by modeling what we see. Today with television shows, videos, movies, youtube, we are constantly being exposed to, subject to, and sometimes controlled by these influences whether favorable or not, whether desirable or not, whether by choice or not. We all have a need to belong. Part of “belonging” is imitating our “tribe.” Sometimes, we imitate those that are in closest proximity to us…our parents, siblings, teachers, and others. Sometimes, we imitate those we admire and respect…athletes, movie stars, and other public figures whether their actions are admirable or not.

I worked with a professional pitcher for a national league. He had hit a slump in his pitching and was not able to come out of it. In his session, we identified a major issue for him…being a role model. The thought of children wanting to be like him was terrifying. Once we worked on and healed the issue, he pitched a near perfect game the next time he was on the mound.

EFT Tapping Statements for Being a Role Model:

* I don’t walk my talk.
* I don’t lead by example.
* I suck at being a role model.
* I resent the invasion of my privacy.
* It’s too stressful to be a role model.

* I don’t set a good example for others.
* I don’t know how to establish rapport.
* I don’t know how to encourage others.
* Role models are supposed to be heroes.
* I don’t challenge others to do their best.

* I don’t want to live under a microscope.
* I don’t demonstrate rock-solid integrity.
* Role models are supposed to be perfect.
* I don’t want my every move scrutinized.
* I lack the clarity to be a leader/role model.

* I lack the charisma to be a leader/role model.
* Role models are supposed to be super human.
* Role models are supposed to be extraordinary.
* I lack personal charm, magnetism, and charisma.
* Role models are supposed to have super powers.


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