“You can’t make footprints in the sand of time if you are sitting on your butt. And who wants to make butt prints in the sand of time?”

Bob Moward

Where does our lack of feeling undeserving come from?

Everything starts with a belief. Inside of us, we have a belief we are not deserving. The belief “I am not deserving” is reinforced
* By the manner in which our parents treat us.
* By our religious heritage (particularly Jewish/Catholic).
* By our childhood anger, resentments, and hurts that we internalized.
* When we feel depressed (depression is the buildup of suppressed anger).
* When we feel caught in survival and shame and the other lower altitudes on David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness.

How Does the Lack of Deservability Impact Us?
* Creates guilt (anger that we don’t feel we are entitled to).
* Creates resentment that leads to self punishment.
* Numbs our feelings and emotions.
* Creates self pity.
* Stagnates and paralyzes us.
* Separates us from others including our higher self and the Divine.
* Stops any forward momentum.
* Causes illnesses.


How Do We Process Lack of Deservability?

* By examining our lives. How has this belief served us? Protected us? Is it easier to be undeserving rather than to try and fail?
* What are the pay-offs, the benefits of not being deserving (get to avoid such things as relationships and being love.  Can stay in self-pity and don’t have to move forward…just to name two pay-offs.)
* What are the skills needed if we did not have the pay-off? (For the previous two examples, the skill of being in a significant-other relationship.  The skills needed to move forward with our lives.)
* Tap.  Tap.  Tap.  And continue to tap.


EFT Tapping Statements for Lack of Deservability:
* I will never be deserving.
* I don’t know how to move beyond my depression.
* I am not able to move out of my stagnation.
* I am not able to overcome my shame.
* I’m not willing to be deserving.
* My lack of deservability requires very little of me.
* I don’t know how to release my shame.
* I don’t know how to release my anger.
* I don’t know how to deal with my childhood hurts.


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