EFT Tapping Statements for Champion, Success, Personal Power, Self Confidence, Role Model (1,000 Tapping Statements)

Is your identity that of “struggle” and “the underdog?” What would happen if you were successful? What would be your new identity if not one of struggle and the underdog?

10 of the 225 EFT Tapping Statements for Success in the Champion eBook:
* I don’t expect to succeed.
* My goals are not attainable.
* I am paralyzed by my losses.
* I’m stuck in analysis paralysis.
* I don’t learn from my mistakes.
* It is not okay/safe to stand out.
* I don’t know how to deal with failure.
* I have difficulty rebounding from failure.
* I don’t have the abilities needed to succeed.
* Successful people are overbearing and cruel.


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