Emotional Significance of Bread:

· Attempt to soothe tension, stress, and/or anxiety.
· Want to fill an inner emptiness.
· Look for calm, comfort, and/or reassurance.
· Feeling unsatisfied with life.
· Desire to ease pain.
· Desire to slow down.
· Can be calming and relaxing.

A craving for bread may emerge when we are missing encouragement, assurance, and support a friend would provide.

Emotional Significance of Chocolate:

· Craving for love, intimacy, and/or romance.
· A need for calm.
· To lift one’s mood, a “feel-good” boost.
· Looking for energy, passion, and/or excitement.
· Used as an anti-depressant.
· Unable to process sadness and grief.

We crave chocolate when we want to feel special, loved, and cherished, and/or when our lives lack passion, energy, and excitement, when we are depressed.

Emotional Significance of Dairy:

· Craving for comfort.
· Yearning for nurturing and a need for soothing.
· Need for safety and security.
· Manage depression.
· Ease worry and anxiety.
· Feeling life is very tough and turbulent.
· Desire for life to be a little easier.

One might crave dairy when their lives lack nurturing and comforting and needing to feel safe and secure.

Emotional Significance of Sweets:

· Craving for sweetness in life.
· Not feeling “sweet” enough.
· Lack of joy.
· Lack of self-care and “me” time.
· Wanting a reward.
· Seeking pleasure.
· Unable to process sadness and grief.
· Feeling that change and healing are hopeless.
· Needing a boost of energy, feeling exhausted.

We reach for sweets when our lives lack joy, pleasure, and sweetness and/or when we are depressed, disappointed, and/or fatigued.


EFT Tapping Statements

* Eating bread fills the void I feel inside.
* I crave bread when I want to be comforted.

* I have given up on love.
* I crave love and romance.

* Ice cream is comforting.
* I crave comfort and nurturing.

* My life lacks sweetness.
* I deserve a sweet reward for all that I do.


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