Emotional Significance of Crunchy/Crispy:

· Stress relief.
· To add “texture” in our lives.
· Criticism – of self, from others, and/or towards others.
· Longing for comfort and reassurance.
· Attempt to relieve anger, irritation, anxiety, and frustration.
· Might be about anxiety, betrayal, depression, embarrassment, fear, grief, insecurity, regret, sadness, self-doubt, shame, bitterness, impatience, and/or dissatisfaction.

We might crave crunchy when we want to relieve frustration, anger, irritation, and anxiety.

Emotional Significance of Fried/Fatty Foods:

· Desire to heal, old emotional wounds.
· Looking for self-worth and self-esteem.
· Have a feeling of emptiness.
· Desire for fulfillment, satisfaction, and a richness of life.
· Lack of inspiration in life.
· Lack of self-esteem and/or self-worth.
· Attempting to feel important.

We crave fatty foods when we are searching for a richness in our life. When we lack self worth, self esteem, and don’t feel important or worthy, we might fill the emptiness with fatty/fried foods.

Emotional Significance of Salty:

· “Salt of the earth.”
· Desire for grounding, stability, and/or security.
· Need for down time and relaxation.
· Desire to heal emotional stagnation.
· Might be about stress, anger, anxiety.

We might reach for salty foods when we need to feel more grounded and less stressed.

Emotional Significance of Spicy:

· A craving and drive for intensity and excitement.
· Search for passion.
· Response to boredom.
· Wanting more adventure.
· Looking for action in our lives.
· Needing to “spice up” our life.
· Searching for drive and motivation.

We might crave spicy when we have a need for adventure, excitement, and passion in our lives.


EFT Tapping Statements

* Crunching relieves my stress.
* I have a tendency to be impatient.

Fatty/Fried Foods:
* I yearn for the richness of life.
* My life is unfulfilling and empty.

* It is not comfortable for me to relax.
* I crave salty foods when I am stressed.

* I crave more spice in my life.
* I crave more excitement in my life.


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