This is how I think EFT works:

The last half of the tapping statement we say, “I totally and completely accept myself.” Acceptance brings us into present time. We can only heal if we are in present time.

The first half of the EFT tapping statement are directions for the body and the subconscious.

The physical body is here to protect us. When our hand is to close to a hot stove, our body will automatically pull our hand back to safety. Since the role of the physical body is to protect us, the tapping statement that agrees with the current belief is the most effective. Otherwise, the body could sabotage the tapping.

The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all our beliefs and memories. Our “programming” is located in the subconscious mind. To make lasting and permanent changes in our lives, we have to change dysfunctional beliefs on a subconscious level. The tapping statement needs to be correctly worded to address and delete the dysfunctional emotions and beliefs on a subconscious level.

When we tap the various point, it’s as if we are “waking up” the stored memories and/or mis-beliefs that have been blocking energy from flowing freely along the meridians. Tapping is like a pattern interrupt. We are waking up the body calling forth the body’s own Infinite Wisdom.

The body’s Infinite Wisdom knows how to heal the body. When we cut our finger, our body knows how to heal the cut itself when we create the conditions that will assist healing. Once dysfunctional emotions, experiences, and beliefs have been “deleted,” our body automatically gravitates to health, wealth, wisdom, peace, love, joy…  The body can’t heal if the conditions won’t allow for the healing to tap place and that includes dysfunctional, mis-beliefs!

By tapping, we are calling forth our Truths. The key word here is “our.” Not anyone else’s. If my name is “Lucas,” tapping the statement “Even though my name is Sam,” my name will not be changed to Sam.

When we make changes in the programming of a computer, in order for the changes to be implemented, the computer has to be rebooted. Sometimes, for tapping to be integrated into our system, we need rebooting. When the body isn’t moving or thinking, integration takes place. After tapping, then sleeping, when we wake the next day, we may not even remember the intensity of the issue we worked on the day before. When we cut our finger, after it has healed, we forget we even cut our finger.

EFT Tapping is an amazing tool for healing!  

© Tessa Cason, Little Sage Enterprises, LLC, 2015.

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