If you don’t change the inside when the outside changes, you could end up sabotaging the changes and our success.

Imagine this:
You are a kindergartener. You graduate Kindergarten, then first grade, and second grade. In Kindergarten and first grade, you didn’t learn your numbers, or letters, or colors. Now in the second grade, everyone else is learning how to read and write and you don’t even know your letters. Success is doubtful. Failure is almost assured.

As our lives change, if we don’t continue to grow emotionally, we could end up sabotaging our success and the changes.

If our reality expands beyond our capabilities, one of two things will happen. Either we quickly learn what’s needed for the new reality or our reality will snap back to our comfort zone and previous level of success.

If we try to keep up with the new reality and we are not emotionally prepared for the new reality, it will create a tremendous amount of stress...which you know isn’t good for our heart or our waist line.

EFT Tapping Statements:
* I’m not comfortable outside my comfort zone.
* I sabotage my success.
* I’m not ready for my life to change.
* I’m not ready for a new reality.
* I can’t handle change.
* I handle change by overeating.
* I sabotage my emotional growth.


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