Being overweight helps many fearful people feel as if they are invisible.  They seek ways to sabotage themselves in order to return to the safety that their excess weight provides.

Bob Greene

Statements for Weight and Emotional Eating
1. I overeat when I am stressed out.
2. I can’t be happy until I lose weight.
3. I eat without even tasting my food.
4. It is impossible for me to lose weight.
5. Food is the only way I nurture myself.
6. I will never be able to lose the weight.
7. I reward myself with my favorite foods.
8. I am not conscious of what or when I eat.
9. I cannot successfully get past temptation.
10. I am always thinking about food and eating.

Statements for Bread:
11. Eating bread fills the void I feel inside.
12. I crave bread when I want to be comforted.

Statements for Chocolate:
13. I have given up on love.
14. I crave love and romance.

Statements for Crunchy/Crispy:
15. Crunching relieves my stress.
16. I have a tendency to be impatient.

Statements for Dairy:
17. Ice cream is comforting.
18. I crave comfort and nurturing.

Statements for Fatty/Fried Foods:
19. I yearn for the richness of life.
20. My life is unfulfilling and empty.

Statements for Salty:
21. It is not comfortable for me to relax.
22. I crave salty foods when I am stressed.

Statements for Spicy:
23. I crave more spice in my life.
24. I crave more excitement in my life.

Statements for Sweets:
25. My life lacks sweetness.
26. I deserve a sweet reward for all that I do.



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