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Grief is more than sadness. It is more than unhappiness. Grief is a loss. Something of value is gone. Grief is an intense loss that breaks our heart. Loss can be the death of a loved one, a pet, a way of life, a job, a marriage, one’s own imminent death. Grief is real.

Over time, unhealed grief becomes anger, resentment, blame, righteousness, and/or remorse. We become someone that we are not. It takes courage to move through the grief and all the emotions buried deep within. The depth of our pain lets us know that someone or something was very important to us. The depth of our pain also lets us know that there is a depth to us.

“John,” says his secretary. “You mom is on line one and she sounds upset.”

John picks up the phone, pushes the button for line one, and cheerfully says, “Hi, Mom. Everything okay?”

When John hears his mom crying on the other end of the phone he stands up and asks her what’s wrong.

“John,” in a silent whisper. “Your father had a heart attack while he was gardening this morning.”

Anxiously John asks, “Is he still alive?”

Hearing the sobs on the other end of the phone, John realizes that his dad was not still alive. “Mom, I’m leaving the office now. I will be at the house in 10 minutes.”

John had visited his parents the night before. He didn’t realize then that would be the last time he would see his dad. A year after his dad’s death, John still was having difficulty adjusting to “normal” life, his life. His wife recommended therapy to help heal the grief. She handed him a business card of an EFT Practitioner. After a month of working with the Practitioner, John was able to find his joy again.


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