Our failures keep us safe.

Seems like an odd statement to make. “Our failures keep us safe.”

Let’s say, in the past, as a result of some of our decisions and actions we lose money. And now, we want to move forward with a new project that requires money. Yet, the project isn’t coming together.

The memory of our failure is attempting to keep us safe so we won’t venture into a new project, make decisions, and take actions that will result in more money lost!

Once we learn the lessons from our failures, the body and subconscious can let go of the failure. It is no longer a failure. It is now categorized as “Lessons Learned.”

Example: Some friends are excited about a new venture they are putting together. They ask you for a loan. “Sure,” you say. Knowing your friends as you do, you are sure they would never default on the loan. Yet, they do. Your return on your investment is an apology and a promise if ever they can repay the loan, they will.

Lesson: Review, research, and discernment.

EFT Tapping statements:

* My failures keep me safe.
* My financial failures of the past are keeping me safe now.
* I’m not willing to let go of my failures.
* I can’t learn from my failures.
* I don’t trust my discernment skills.


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