Select from one of these three that could be your biggie in regards to Self Acceptance:

A. I have to be and do everything perfectly.

B. I am unforgivable.

C. My needs and wants aren’t important.

A or B or C will lead to either Remorse or Shame.

The Remorse or Shame will lead to (select your top three):

* Anger
* Defensive
* Martyr
* Self Pity
* Lack of Self Love
* Lack of Self Esteem
* Lack of Self Confidence
* Lack of Self Respect
* Lack of Deservability
* Lack of Compassion

Which leads to Self Punishment…Not able to accept self.

EFT Tapping Statements for Self Acceptance:

* It is not safe to accept myself.
* I don’t know how to accept myself.
* I am lost in my shame.
* I have to be and do everything perfectly.
* I am not forgivable.
* My needs and wants are not important.
* Anger rules my life.
* My defensiveness is instantaneous.
* I slip into martyr as if it was a glove.
* I can’t climb out of my pity hole.
* It would be selfish to love myself.
* It would be selfish to put my needs first.
* I don’t know how to earn love.
* I screw up anything and everything I try to do.
* I am a complete failure.
* I have done nothing to deserve my respect.
* The secret I keep puts deservability out of reach.
* Compassion lacks action and is for wimps.


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