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For Tessa

  • “I had just suffered a devastating divorce. I felt as if I was on my knees before the Universe when someone recommended Tessa to me. We began working with the mis-beliefs for Survival as I was almost unable to function. My personal growth grew in leaps and bounds and I now have a thriving business along with an amazing marriage.”

  • “I had tried everything to help my increasing anxiety problems. I was almost incapacitated by situations that were common, everyday events to most people. I had tried several prescription drugs, traditional therapy, several self-help books, even alcohol, and nothing worked. Out of sheer desperation I decided to try EFT Tapping. I thought EFT was a strange process at first, but a week after my first session I was able to make it through an entire workout at the gym without a panic attack or even one heart palpitation! It continues to amaze me how effective EFT and working with Tessa have been.”

  • “I am writing to express my most gracious appreciation for your work. You are one of God's most profound Light Workers. In just 2 sessions, I have let go of a great deal of blocked energy and re-focused my life in directions I could not have imagined. Your work with EFT can, literally, save everyone years on their healing journey. Superb!”

For Tessa’s Books

  • "Very Powerful Book! I have had the great privilege of working with Tessa Cason and have experienced the true life changing power in her Presence, in her words, and in her books. After tapping just a few of these statements, I went from feeling low energy and depressed to feeling a peace and love that I had not felt for quite some time. She is a remarkable person and an extremely gifted healer, counselor and writer. Reading this book and tapping these statements will change your life. It changed mine. Thank you Tessa!"

  • "Excellent Techniques from a Master Teacher. Tessa is a gifted and compassionate teacher and coach. I can't think of anyone who would not benefit from time spent with her or with her writings. EFT works. You can learn from one of the best, and these short but precise books are a great way to move ahead with EFT."

  • "I have used EFT in my practice for seven years. Recently I came across Tessa’s ebooks for Practitioners and decided to give them a try with several of my clients. Working with the mis-beliefs has expanded the effectiveness of EFT and the success level I have with my clients. It is a joy to watch the life return to my clients’ eyes. I know it is a result of the EFT statements from this material."

  • "I am a beginning practitioner. I knew I needed additional resources to use with my clients. I found Tessa’s ebooks online and purchased several ebooks. Having a step-by-step process has really helped my confidence level. My clients are having success as well."

  • "EFT is a remarkable tool. Working with Tessa’s mis-belief statements has made my job easier."

  • "This book is an excellent guide for creating money and wealth for EFT users. Excellent tapping book full of statement to create wealth, and a good guide to create your own. Thanks Tessa for provide us with your excellent ideas to create money and wealth."

  • "Life changing material here!! Most people have no clue their own beliefs are blocking the flow of money and wealth. This is a powerful process. The statements are so perfect and really open your eyes to your relationship with money and abundance. Money is such a source of stress for so many people. I recommend this book to everyone! Start tapping now and you will change your reality."

  • "Another Great Workbook! The author states "The most important relationship we will ever have is the one we have with ourselves." How could I forget, not know, or not honor this statement? This book was the hardest to commit to. I kept crying and releasing, crying and releasing. I thank Tessa Cason and I highly recommend this book."

  • "Try this - it works! I have been using EFT techniques for 2 weeks now after I came upon Tessa's website. I have recently left a job where I felt belittled and devalued every day. I needed something to help restore my belief in myself so I can move on to better things and not become mired in the "victim" role. Tessa explains the techniques thoroughly, and they are simple to learn and use. In this day and age, we tend to believe that "simple" things can't work. When my fears start "creeping up on me," I take a few minutes to go through the techniques. They ground me and get me outside of that loop of fear that starts in my head. I recommend this to everyone. Try it - you don't have anything to lose and will be pleased to see what it can do for you."

  • Another Great EFT Book by Tessa Cason. Tessa wrote another great EFT book on a topic that most everyone can relate to. Anger and frustration are feelings that everyone has experienced one time or another, she shows how EFT can help a person. Her instructions are easy to use, a first time EFT user can do it with no problem. Her anger and frustration statements were ones I could relate to and tapping has helped. I highly recommend Tessa's book to anyone who wants to live a more enjoyable and less frustrated life.