The very first tapping statement we need to tap out is: “It isn’t okay or safe for my life to change.”

“Even though, it is not okay or safe for my life to change, I totally and completely accept myself.”

The reason we tap is to change something we don’t want, doesn’t serve us any longer, or wrecks havoc with our lives. Yet, if it’s not okay or safe for our lives to change, as our lives change, it creates stress. Stress isn’t so good for the body!

Most often than not, when it’s not okay or safe, then we usually aren’t willing. If it isn’t okay or safe to move forward with our lives, then usually we have a list of reasons, excuses, and justifications not to move forward.

When it isn’t okay or safe to change, then usually we aren’t willing to change…even though we may really, really, really want to change.


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