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400 EFT Tapping Statements for My Thyroid Story


In 2005, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Actually, two different labs came back with the same diagnosis.

I researched the potential cause and discovered that 20 years after exposure to natural gas, thyroid issues will result. In 1985, 20 years previous to the diagnosis, I moved into a newly constructed townhouse that a natural gas pipe was severed during construction. I lived in the townhouse for 850 days breathing natural gas. There was not enough odor in the gas to be able to detect the leak.

While pursuing healing modalities after the exposure to natural gas, I had run a medical clinic in which I was able to correlate emotions with different health issues. As a result, I began to realize that about 50% of our health issues are emotionally produced. The other 50% are the result of environmental factors such as smoking, chemicals, accidents, and/or hereditary.

I did not believe my emotional issues caused the thyroid cancer. It was the result of an environmental factor outside myself. BUT, since the thyroid was affected, if I worked on the emotional issues that had to do with the thyroid, it should impact the thyroid cancer. That was my theory.

As an EFT Practitioner, I had formulated tapping statements for my clients for their emotional issues. I applied the same theory to the thyroid.

Six weeks leading up to the surgery after the biopsy results, the only thing I did different was to tap on the potential emotional issues of the thyroid.

If we want to make changes in our lives, we have to remove the dysfunctional beliefs, emotions, and memories on a subconscious level. EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is one such tool.

Here are 10 of the 400 EFT Tapping Statements in this Kindle:

* Life is a struggle.
* I feel very ordinary.
* I don’t walk my talk.
* My sadness is endless.
* I will never be enough.
* All I want to do is hide.
* I lack clarity for my life.
* It will never be my turn.
* I am defective, a mistake.
* I lost hope a long time ago.


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