Which do you process firs: Emotions or Beliefs? The answer: Emotions.

Sometimes we have an emotional attachment to a specific belief. It has “served” us…whether that be by protecting us, keeping us safe, and/or not putting us in harm’s way.

When we are in the middle of an emotional meltdown, it is difficult to think rationally. Thus, the first thing we have to process is how we feel. Even though I am angry, sad, disappointed, fearful, crushed (or however we feel), I totally and completely accept myself.

If a specific belief has been “protecting us,” we won’t allow the belief to clear. The emotions have to be cleared as well as our attachment to the emotions before tackling the beliefs.

Example: If I speak up, if I tell someone my truth, they might reject me, end our relationship, get angry at me, laugh at me, ridicule me for my opinions, tell me I am stupid, ignore my needs, make me feel like a fool…

EFT Tapping statements:
* I will be rejected if I speak up.
* I will be ridicule if I voice my truth.
* I feel stupid when I share my truth.

Possible beliefs underneath:
* I have no value as a person.
* My needs will never be fulfilled.
* It is not okay or safe to stand out.
* I will end up alone if I speak my truth.


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