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300 EFT Tapping Statements for Conflict

“Hi, Julia. So glad you called.” Excitedly, I said, “I just finished decorating the house, and I’m ready for Christmas!”

Defensively and not at all thrilled to be talking to her sister-in-law, Julia said, “That’s why I’m calling. You don’t mind if I host the family Christmas get-together, do you?”

A little surprised, I said, “Well, I do. I’ve been hosting the family get-togethers for the last five years.” But, she already knew this. She had been to my home for Christmas since marrying my brother, Ethan, four years ago.

“Tough,” my sister-in-law said. “I’m hosting Christmas this year. Come if you want. I don’t care. I will call everyone and tell them that I am hosting Christmas, that Ethan and I are hosting your family’s Christmas from now on.” And, with that, without waiting for a response, she hung up. She hung up!

This wasn’t the first “conflict” with her sister-in-law. But, Audrey was a conflict coward and did not engage.

After EFT Tapping, Audrey overcame her issues with conflict. Find out how and who hosted Christmas that year!

This Workbook provides information about EFT Tapping as well as 300 EFT Tapping statements that can be combined into tapping scripts.