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Is Fear Your Constant Companion?

When thinking about change, is fear your constant companion? What we focus on, expands. Do you focus on your fear, your failures, your losses and thus get more of what you fear? Or do you focus on your joy, your…


Is Your Story Your Only Identity?

When thinking about change, is your story your only identity, and thus, change is impossible? You’ve told your story for so long, do you know how your authentic self is? Is your identity that of the victim and/or martyr? And,…


Do You Put Your Future On Hold?

When thinking about change, do you put your future on hold? Is that because you don’t know what you want your future to be? Or is it about fear of moving forward in your life? Is it easier to stay…


Are You Willing to Resolve Conflicts?

Are you willing to resolve conflicts? Do you know how to resolve conflicts? Or is this about control, being “right,” and/or blaming someone else? Sign up for the newsletter to receive freebies and to be notified of FREE Kindle Downloads: Sign up here What…


What Do You Do When Someone is Upset With You?

What do you do when someone is upset with you? Cry? Get angry? Become apathetic? Can you keep your center while someone else has lost theirs? Or do you get drawn into the conflict, become defensive, and angry as well?…


Do You Attempt to Change Others?

Do you attempt to change others? If you did succeed in changing someone, do you think they really changed or did they make it appear they changed for your benefit? If you don’t know, can you trust that they really…


Do You Know How to Argue?

Do you know how to argue? Or do you show disinterest and apathy so you won’t be “drawn” into an argument? Or do you avoid conflict by being agreeable? Do you know our point of view? Do you know how…


Does Your Intuition Have to Prove Itself to You?

Does your intuition have to prove itself to you? Intuition is a skill. If you haven’t developed the skill, do can it prove itself to you? © Tessa Cason, 2021. Sign up for the newsletter to receive freebies and to…


Do You Believe That Intuition is Something You Have or Don’t Have?

Do you believe that intuition is something you have or don’t have? That it is not a skill? Is this a reason not be be intuitive or do you believe you don’t  have what it takes to learn a new…


Did Your Intuition Not Answer The Question You Asked?

Did your intuition not answer the question you asked? Are you sure? Or did you not receive the answer you wanted to hear so you believed your questions went unanswered? © Tessa Cason, 2021. Sign up for the newsletter to…

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